Tips on Surviving in College

Being a college freshman can be seriously overwhelming. In fact, your first year of college is prone to be a combination of stress and fun. College is the time to make new friends, perhaps establish life-lasting relationships, as well as experiencing new things, learning how to live independently, and the list may go on. You should enjoy the most of it – and the way of doing that is by following these tips.

Balance academics and social life

Although you’d like to experience the freedom of living away from home, college life will also teach you to live responsibly. If you let it, your social life will get in the way of your studying, which will jeopardize your grades and academic performance. Plus, if you get behind in your classes, the studying you’ll have to do will add up eventually – which won’t be in your favor.

Nonetheless, not socializing as a freshman isn’t the way to go either. The secret is balancing studying and socializing. The way of doing that is by prioritizing and becoming better at organizing your time.

Focus on studying

It’s easy to get distracted as a freshman. Everything is different, the workload is significantly larger, the teachers have higher expectations of you, and the number of assignments you have to complete can be discouraging. To that end, you should do your best to staying focused, and taking each assignment at a time.

Additionally, you should always backup your assignments. Nothing is more annoying than finishing a difficult assignment and losing the document, deleting it by mistake, or any other unwanted scenario. So, you should back up your assignments, as a general rule, to avoid that from happening.

Don’t hesitate to ask help

While it’s true that college teachers expect a lot from students, this doesn’t mean you cannot ask for guidance, every now and then. In the event in which you aren’t certain regarding an assignment you have to write, or the class material isn’t clear enough, you should discuss with your teacher. Most of the times, college teachers and instructors are more than willing to help you out.

Additionally, you should converse with your peers, as well. Forming a study group can be helpful, as it allows you to socialize while focusing on your studying.


Being a college student teaches you to become financially independent. And budgeting has a lot to do with that. The odds are you’ll need to get a part-time job to make dead ends meet. If that’s the case, you should definitely do so. Not only that getting a job will fill your pockets (partly), but having work experience will come in handy when you’ll want to get hired after graduation.

All in all, you should take care of yourself, eat healthily and sleep (yes – you’ve read that right), and enjoy yourself. Focus on studying hard, go to classes, finish your assignments in time, do your best to getting good grades, and have fun!