Application into the Bachelor of Science in IT & Technology

Ever since childhood while still in the lower grades I have always had a deep interest in IT & Technology. The interest first developed after the introduction to the workplace computers by my uncle, the experience which I always remember vividly and gave me the sentiment of wanting to know how the computing machines operate. The curiosity has never left me, but steadily growing more insightful and fervent with every experience I have been encountering in the field right from the high school. For that reason, the primary rationale of writing is to request for an admission to the master’s program in IT & Technology in your college as well as the personal reasons for making a choice.

I believe in your college as its vision is similar to mine; ever working to exceed the expectations and limits of nature. As an upcoming scientist, it was the same drive that took me to the Ohio University to study bachelor’s program in IT & Technology, and until then, information technology has been a past time. The primary goals for wanting to study Bachelor in IT & Technology is to pave way and advance in the sector so that I can be able to attain Ph.D. program for the advancement of research in my chosen profession. Moreover, I have the intention of developing the abilities of the other individuals in the field especially students.

The subjects I chose to study at my A-Levels have assisted me dearly in the development of both my mindset and understanding of the career. An excellent example is a Computer study that has offered me a superior acumen into the commerce facets of the information technology industry and Physics that has increased my understanding of how various parts of a computer operates. When it comes to mathematics, I was lucky enough for having an instructor who had interest in computer science and has been especially supportive of providing me with books like Understanding the world of IT, thus nurturing my passions in the information technology profession.

I have been working part time as a web assistant with Telecom wireless, and through participating fully in research experiment in that capacity, I have become more engaged and alive than ever before. Through that, I have received a whole new perception on how the commerce functions in the world of information technology. For instance, lettering a plan of activities, to me, was absolutely a Martian occurrence; however, over the past few months, I have investigated and planned, and eventually got the satisfaction reward of the accomplishment after the completion of the project. I have also learned a lot through the achievement of bachelor’s degree in the field especially when it comes to teamwork and delegation of duties as, without it, our project would not have been a success.

My desire to further achieve more knowledge in IT & Technology forces me to join your college, thanks to the experience, as I have realized that such a university is my future and through it, I can accomplish my dream as it is known for having good professors as concerns research and instructions. Recently, your college received the Jury Special Gold Award for the completion of the project whose leadership was by Doctor John Williams, and I came to realize that he is the head of the IT & Technology department. Such an individual would be of great significance to me particularly that I have the plans for carrying out further research in the profession. Additionally, your college’s alumni team has the credit for being very supportive to the members when it comes to the matters concerning the project executions and can be of importance as regards the expansion of the firm that I have already started.

Additionally, I am attracted to your college because I strive to study with the diverse group of individuals that the college accommodates wholeheartedly; the university has a deep respect for the value of diversity. From personal experience, I have the knowledge that for the achievement of trust, integrity, and success that the college values, there is the need for new people who are capable of creating a proper environment for the morals, and I believe I am such an individual. I also have a feeling that my setting as a web assistance will offer an innovative perspective on the institution’s search for knowledge and make it even more successful in the future.

I have a strong belief that my proficient documentation demonstrates that I do have the actual milieu regarding the IT & Technology requirements. Notwithstanding my past achievements in the profession, I still consider myself worthless without the masters and even the Ph.D. in IT & Technology as I will not be able to achieve goals especially when it comes to research. The program would allow me to be with excellent communication skills to express matters and ideas effectively as regards the investigation and teamwork. I am ready to put all my effort for my success in the program and also improve the college ranking globally when it comes to the achievements of the alumni. Thanks in advance for considering my application.