About Me

My favorite thing about science is that it allows me to discover new things that were unknown to people in the past. Nothing compares to that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction you experience after discovering something new. In a way, we could say that science is similar to a massive puzzle, which can be solved in endless ways – and there are no limits whatsoever. The more combinations you try, the more exciting it is.

In my opinion, science can actually help the human mind think critically and strategically. Plus, it can help us come up with efficient solutions to world problems, such as global warming or enhancing the educational system, and this list may go on. At first, science was a hobby for me, but, in time, as I learned more about this far-reaching subject, it made me more immersed in it. I realized that science impacts the world surrounding us and our lives, in unimaginable ways. Additionally, science can help us come up with creative, practical solutions to serious issues.

Since I’m such a geek, it won’t come as a surprise that I’m a big fan of the TV series – The Big Bang Theory. This show indicates that nerdy people can have fun too. Of course, the amazing writing, the insightful jokes, and commentaries are also some of the reasons I love this show, and I keep going back to it time after time. And, last but not least, the show makes science easier to grasp. Sheldon’s calculations and experiments always don’t cease to amaze me (and inspire me), not to mention that I’m intrigued by every discovery he makes.

On a different note, time taught me that pursuing a career in science involves numerous failures and do-overs (as we learn from The Big Bang Theory). Many a time, my self-confidence has been tested, over and over again. But now I know that being open to new ideas, combined with flexibility and determination are the main elements that can help me to succeed.

As you might expect, mathematics is another favorite subject of mine. Truthfully, technology and mathematics have changed the world, and have shaped the way in which we live our lives today. Ultimately, the role of technology is to simplify our existence. That is why I wish to create a robot. While I have a long way to go to make that happen, I’m determined, and I hope I’ll accomplish this purpose. When that happens, you’ll definitely find out – on the blog, of course.