Application into the Bachelor of Science in IT & Technology

Ever since childhood while still in the lower grades I have always had a deep interest in IT & Technology. The interest first developed after the introduction to the workplace computers by my uncle, the experience which I always remember vividly and gave me the sentiment of wanting to know how the computing machines operate. The curiosity has never left me, but steadily growing more insightful and fervent with every experience I have been encountering in the field right from the high school. For that reason, the primary rationale of writing is to request for an admission to the master’s program in IT & Technology in your college as well as the personal reasons for making a choice.

I believe in your college as its vision is similar to mine; ever working to exceed the expectations and limits of nature. As an upcoming scientist, it was the same drive that took me to the Ohio University to study bachelor’s program in IT & Technology, and until then, information technology has been a past time. The primary goals for wanting to study Bachelor in IT & Technology is to pave way and advance in the sector so that I can be able to attain Ph.D. program for the advancement of research in my chosen profession. Moreover, I have the intention of developing the abilities of the other individuals in the field especially students.

The subjects I chose to study at my A-Levels have assisted me dearly in the development of both my mindset and understanding of the career. An excellent example is a Computer study that has offered me a superior acumen into the commerce facets of the information technology industry and Physics that has increased my understanding of how various parts of a computer operates. When it comes to mathematics, I was lucky enough for having an instructor who had interest in computer science and has been especially supportive of providing me with books like Understanding the world of IT, thus nurturing my passions in the information technology profession.

I have been working part time as a web assistant with Telecom wireless, and through participating fully in research experiment in that capacity, I have become more engaged and alive than ever before. Through that, I have received a whole new perception on how the commerce functions in the world of information technology. For instance, lettering a plan of activities, to me, was absolutely a Martian occurrence; however, over the past few months, I have investigated and planned, and eventually got the satisfaction reward of the accomplishment after the completion of the project. I have also learned a lot through the achievement of bachelor’s degree in the field especially when it comes to teamwork and delegation of duties as, without it, our project would not have been a success.

My desire to further achieve more knowledge in IT & Technology forces me to join your college, thanks to the experience, as I have realized that such a university is my future and through it, I can accomplish my dream as it is known for having good professors as concerns research and instructions. Recently, your college received the Jury Special Gold Award for the completion of the project whose leadership was by Doctor John Williams, and I came to realize that he is the head of the IT & Technology department. Such an individual would be of great significance to me particularly that I have the plans for carrying out further research in the profession. Additionally, your college’s alumni team has the credit for being very supportive to the members when it comes to the matters concerning the project executions and can be of importance as regards the expansion of the firm that I have already started.

Additionally, I am attracted to your college because I strive to study with the diverse group of individuals that the college accommodates wholeheartedly; the university has a deep respect for the value of diversity. From personal experience, I have the knowledge that for the achievement of trust, integrity, and success that the college values, there is the need for new people who are capable of creating a proper environment for the morals, and I believe I am such an individual. I also have a feeling that my setting as a web assistance will offer an innovative perspective on the institution’s search for knowledge and make it even more successful in the future.

I have a strong belief that my proficient documentation demonstrates that I do have the actual milieu regarding the IT & Technology requirements. Notwithstanding my past achievements in the profession, I still consider myself worthless without the masters and even the Ph.D. in IT & Technology as I will not be able to achieve goals especially when it comes to research. The program would allow me to be with excellent communication skills to express matters and ideas effectively as regards the investigation and teamwork. I am ready to put all my effort for my success in the program and also improve the college ranking globally when it comes to the achievements of the alumni. Thanks in advance for considering my application.

A Beautiful Mind: A Nursing Evaluation of Schizophrenia

The film “A Beautiful Mind” is a documentary that bases on John Forbes Nash, Jr’s life. The film depicts the treatment and symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia in which John Nash suffers. In the movie, John shows incidences of hallucinations (visual and auditory) and frequently describe interactions with imaginary individuals. In this article, an attempt to present a reflective case study is undertaken for the patient as portrayed in the film. When Nash (the patient) is treated for hallucinations, he shows certain negative responses to the drugs in which to overcome, he avoids them, and as a result, relapsing into his previous condition. Later, the patient mention taking “newer” drugs, which also assist him to differentiate between delusion and reality. As the film approaches the end, John is seen to have mastered his disorder and overcome it by learning to ignore the hallucinations (“A Beautiful Mind: Analyzing How Schizophrenia is Portrayed in Movies versus Reality | Disability in Media Review Blog”, 2017). This article outlines the alternative treatment and the recommendation for future health nursing practices. For instance, earlier detection and recognition of the symptoms can assist treat mental disorders such as Schizophrenia faster. The paper also attempts to explore the societal and medical issues revolving around this chronic and debilitating illness. In hopes of enlightening people about the available resources, the paper looks at the support and counseling groups accessible to individuals who have schizophrenia and their families.

According to the film, the protagonist portrays the classic paranoid schizophrenia symptoms. He, John Nash, had schizophrenia that was only diagnosed at a later stage. In his college life at Princeton, Nash’s best friend and roommate was a person named Charles, who is then depicted to be one of his imaginary friends. As time progresses, his imaginations or hallucinations become more violent and frequent as he soon convinces himself that he is working for the US government on a top secret assignment in which nobody has access to, not even his wife. While teaching, he started missing classes, which resulted to him being summoned by a Psychiatrist who looked into his condition. Later, he concluded that the stay at the asylum was an attempt by the Soviet of trying to stop him from working with the government on his secret mission. At first, his wife failed to consent with the psychiatrist as she believed her husband’s story to be very real (“A Beautiful Mind: Analyzing How Schizophrenia is Portrayed in Movies versus Reality | Disability in Media Review Blog”, 2017). Later, she accepted the fact of her husband’s condition when she went to his college and discovered what he used to do during work. She also found magazines clippings attached all over the room and the unopened confidential envelopes, which were meant to be sent out to Mr. Parcher, the person who put John to the mission. The film attempt to show how John had to face reality when his imaginary world appeared so real to him. He, at last, confront his reality after the realization that Marcee, Charles’ niece, never became any older than when he first met her. With regular medication, John learns how to ignore his imaginary friends in his life and regain his old job back, at Princeton. In the end, he wins a Nobel Prize in Economic and lives a satisfactory life.

Early intervention and detection of the condition are the best approaches to treatment. However, patients with schizophrenia need to undergo extensive treatment. Enhancements and advancement made in treatment and the field of psychotherapy, intervention, nursing practices in mental health, medicine and societal awareness can effectively combat schizophrenia.

This disorder (paranoid schizophrenia) is among the numerous categories of schizophrenia that is chronic. Individuals suffering from this type of mental ailment usually have difficulties in interpreting reality in a normal way and are said to have Psychosis. More than 40 percent of schizophrenia reports are dominated by paranoid schizophrenia. The side effects of the disorder start to be noted at a later age (around 25 to 30). The most common symptoms exhibited by the patient of paranoid schizophrenia include delusions and hallucinations, which lack association with the reality. These are also referred to as the positive symptoms, which are detected easily. The capability to function and think in a healthy is distorted, and though the condition is a milder type of the ailment, it can result in long term ramifications accompanied with other complication such as suicidal behavior (McAuliffe, O’connor, & Meagher, 2014). A sense of grandiosity marks the onset of the illness, and this dominance is noted in the case of delusion and a persecution sense. At times, the beginning of the disorder is quite sudden, which can be coupled with deterioration in the physiological and mental condition of the patient in a rapid manner. On the other hand, the identification and recognition of the symptoms can be challenging for individuals with no prior exposure or experience with the condition. However, the perceptive friends and relatives can be able to spot a heightened state of nervous tension, anger, argumentative behavior, irritability, and jealousy. The negative symptom or the other forms of symptom is reduced emotions displayed by healthy individuals. For instance, when a person with hebephrenic schizophrenia laughs in a funeral. Also, the loss of energy and lack of interest in life is a more complex symptom to note, and at times, it can be confused with apathy or depression. However, with proper treatment and diagnosis, the patient can overcome the symptoms and live happily.

Nash’s treatment comprised majorly of the recommendation made by Dr. Rosen of insulin shock therapy that is a conventional approach to treating mental illness and currently is considered to be an antipsychotic drug and obsolete. The convulsive therapy and insulin coma therapy now have been replaced by antipsychotic medications, which portray less adverse effects and greater efficacy. Antipsychotic drugs are soothing medicines, which are utilized in the treatment of bipolar and schizophrenia disorder. Clozapine was the first generation of antipsychotic medications that acted on the neurotransmitter sites receptor, dopamine.

In the film, the symptoms exhibited by John Nash are very classic and distinct. The imaginations of Charles, his roommate and later that of the US government official, Mr. Parcher, as well as Marcee, depict that his ailment was spotted at a much-advanced phase where the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis required to be symptomatically treated coupled with continued therapy and medication. However, Nash is put on some medications that are insulin shock therapy and antipsychotic drugs. He was also kept under constant supervision at the mental hospital in which he was confined. Some severe condition called for stricter measures in which he was bound and held in solitary confinement.

When these medicines are taken for a prolonged period, the common side effects include diabetes, weight gain, tremors, drowsiness, and spasms. Other symptoms such as tardive dyskinesia that cause twitching in the mouth region are also noted in some patients (Henriksen & Parnas, 2012). When these symptoms manifest as the patient takes medication, the intervention of the doctor should be sought. Patients with schizophrenia have to be in a life-long treatment for the condition.

In the film, the use of shock therapy is portrayed in the form of insulin shock therapy. Nash underwent this type of therapy 5 times in a week for 10 weeks. In this conventional mode of treatment, it was assumed that the convulsions were a method of schizophrenia occurrence prevention. Therefore, this approach of therapy was utilized on patients to prompt seizure while electroconvulsive as applied to protect the patient from personality disorders. However, currently, doctors administer anesthesia and various form of muscle-relaxants to make this therapy bearable.

Also, the patient is required to undergo behavioral therapy apart from the medical intervention such as social skills training to maintaining a healthy patient functioning in the society. Awareness and support programs need to be conducted for the patients and the family members. Community level support needs to be given to the caregiver for them to cope with the condition as well as relapse prevention.

The initial step in the prognosis and detection of the schizophrenic clinical condition as well as bipolar patients is through techniques such as magnetic resonance, brain’s CT scan, and other techniques of imaging, which can aid exclude possible misperception in the disease diagnosis. With the lack of any medical test, which can warn an individual of the onset or prevention of the disorder, the psychiatrist needs to carry out a thorough evaluation of the family background, as well as the genetic history of the patient’s family. The doctor also needs to consider the course the ailment has taken and the period in which the symptoms have been predominant, patient response to therapy and medication.


Q.1 P137

Actual example concurs with various humanistic approaches than hypothetical. Ramadan presentation will use actual examples from Quran.

Q.1 P145

One of the comparisons that I have used when explaining something to a friend was how I felt that Hillary Clinton was a good candidate for the president. One example of contrast that I can use in favoring one position over the other is how Obama was a better president than Trump regarding how he handled Muslim issues. The Ramadan speech will compare Muslim lives to that of Prophet Muhammad.

Q.1 P148

One might know when they are making ethical decisions when they use correct, accurate, complete, unbiased and non-offensive evidence towards the target audience. Supporting materials strengthen the claims. My Ramadan presentation will use evidence from the Quran

Q.2 P156

The purpose of the speech is the bedrock of the main idea, and thus it has a positive or a negative influence. The main idea of my last speech is below the criteria that the chapter is promoting that and this is because the purpose was not directly linked to the main idea. The Ramadan presentation will ensure that the purpose of speech supports the main idea.

Q.2 P161

The principles of organization are the organizational patterns that are used by a speaker to convey the main ideas that make up a speech. I would prefer one pattern over another based on the nature of speech that I am to give. For instance, during Ramadan, I can give a speech based on fidelity because Ramadan is linked to the life experiences that Muslims have.

Q.2 P162

The strategic organization allows for a speech to be designed in a manner that elicits a response from the audience. The balance and symmetry ensure that all aspects of speech are emphasized. The number of main ideas allows for the considerations of how the audience might absorb the information, and the primacy and recency effect ensures that the primary focus is handled lastly. The last part of my Ramadan presentation will be about devotion to the Islamic principles for easier remembrance by the audience.

Q.2 P165

The function of transition is to assist with the flow of the speech. Examples of transition that are used include rhetorical questions and signposts. An example of transition during my Ramadan presentation is the use of signpost such as “another reason to be a devoted Muslim is the promise of a good life after death.”

Q.2 P171

The preliminary idea that I have regarding a good way of introducing my speech is the thesis statement that has the main idea of the speech. During the Ramadan presentation, I will begin like this “being a devoted Muslim is a way of living based on the teachings of Quran.”

Q.2 P176

The conclusion that I would use in my next speech is the revisiting of the introduction, and this is terms of preview and summary. An example of the conclusion of my next speech is “the goal of a devoted Muslim is to live according to the teachings of Quran.”

Q.3 P181

There are two types of outlines. The formal outline which is a full sentenced presentation that has references while keyword outline is a summary of the formal outline. It is important to use both outlines in my Ramadan speech as one will be detailed, and the other will be a summary that I can present to the class.

Q.3 P183

The use of a consistent system based on outlining symbols and indentations ensure that there is the identification of the relationship that exists between materials used as support and ideas through the designation of the various components of the speech. An example in my speech is the first main point which is “Ramadan is a strong pillar of Islam.”

Q.3 P188

Having a clear working outline that helps with brainstorming, thinking and conducting research. In my speech bout Ramadan, the speaking notes will be made from an outline regarding the significance of Ramadan.

Q.4 P197

Identification of a denotative language is through literal meaning that the word has, and a connotative language is based on the meaning of the word regarding its appearance and the perception that one has. Emotionally charged language can affect my emotions negatively or positively. In my speech about, Ramadan I intend to evoke hope to the audience through the use of encouraging words.

Q.4 P201

They have lost their originality and which affects their meaning. In my Ramadan speech I will avoid using “due to the fact that Allah is against sin,” but instead, I will use “because Allah dislikes sin.”

Q.4 P205

Active language is attractive to the listeners than passive language because it is captivating and it also commands attention. An example of a passive language to an active language is “Ramadan is practiced annually by Muslims” to “Muslims annually practice Ramadan.”

UA 10-1

Question 1

The first instance by Fredrick Douglass is when he mentioned that “it is wrong to make men brutes, to rob them of their liberty, to work them without wages.” The second is “to sell them at auction, to slander their families, to knock out their teeth, to burn their flesh.” Douglass’ use of vivid of language in these instances has appealed to my emotions regarding the pity that I feel for those who were slaves.

Question 2

“To flay their flesh with a lash.” It indicates the through beatings that the slaves received.

“To load their limbs with irons.” It indicates the hard labor that the slaves were subjected to.

Question 3

The speech might have made the listeners to rethink their position regarding the concept of slavery based on its negativity to the slaves.

Q.5 P221

Sounding good is speaking in an easier manner but having nothing much to say while being sound is having ideas that have passed the test of evidence as well as reasoning. A presentation regarding Ramadan will involve facts and reasoning borrowed from Quran

Q.5 P230

Extemporaneous delivery is when the speaker adapts to the audience and the situation. It works well when the speaker is passionate about the topic. For instance, my presentation about Ramadan will be extemporaneous.

Q.5 P234

Impromptu is speaking unplanned. Memorized is speaking from memory. The manuscript is speaking using a script. The advantage of impromptu is that it allows one to speak about what they have in mind and disadvantage is that one might not have a well-researched information. Memorized is advantageous as one speaks about what they know and disadvantage is that one is limited to what they have memorized. The manuscript is advantageous as one gives information that they have researched. A disadvantage is that it disconnects the speaker from the audience. I will apply a combination of manuscript and memorized speech during my Ramada presentation

Q.5 P237

If I am giving my presentation about Ramadan and an audience member is hostile, I would tell them to leave the room respectfully if they cannot follow the rules. If an audience member asks three questions in a row, I would answer them based on how they have been asked. If I cannot answer the asked question, I would admit my lack of idea about it, and I will inform the person that I will do more investigation about it. If there are no questions asked, I would thank the audience and take a seat.

Q.6 P245

Graphs can be used as to immediate, concrete and verisimilitude information. In my Ramadan presentation, I will use a graph to show the growth of Islam over the years.

Q.6 P251

Audio and visual presentation aids are widely available for speakers. Audio is advantageous because it makes it easier for the audience to hear the speaker and the disadvantage is that, it does not create a mental image. Visual is advantageous as it creates mental picture and its disadvantage is that it might not have sound. I will use both audio and visual in my Ramadan presentation.

Q.6 P254

I will ensure that my presentation is effective through the use of quality visual and audio aids. The video recordings and sounds regarding the Ramadan presentation will be of high quality.

Q.6 P256

The principles to remember are the use of the visuals as symbols through the power that they have and their application in promoting understanding. The presentation aids allow members to understand the presentation as they involve the source of information. My Ramadan presentation will involve visuals from well-known sources.

Q.7 P260

The overreaching purpose of an informative speech is to raise awareness and articulate alternatives. My informative speech about Ramadan will be to inform my audience about its importance.

Q.7 P263

A student might be told to give a presentation about an aspect of religion such as Ramadan. The effectiveness of this situation will be the description of the background of Ramadan and explanation of its importance.

Q.7 P264

Thesis: Ramadan is an activity that is religious in nature.

Ramadan entails special and specific prayers to Allah.

Ramadan involves fasting for all devoted Muslims.

Q.7 P271

The role of the listener-motivation when it comes to informative speech is to capture and maintain the audiences’ attention. In my Ramadan presentation, the relevance of the topic will be applied.

Q.7 P273

Ethical communication applies the use of evidence that is accurate, it encourages active listening and allows the audience to ask questions. In my presentation