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How to Re-Discover Your Inspiration


When you are inspired, your work almost completes by itself, but maybe sometimes you feel down. The first thing that you have to do when you have a bad day is not to despair. Inspiration comes and goes, but you should know that this thing doesn’t happen to you alone. Even the most genuine artist sometimes has a bad day.

What you need to do is to step back, relax and try to rediscover your inspiration. But how can you do that? In the next paragraphs, we will try to present various ways in which you can bring your inspiration back where it belongs.

Psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliot have been studying this issue for decades now and they discovered that three phenomena occur to our mind when we feel inspired:

  • We feel energized and very enthusiastic
  • We are very receptive and easy to influence
  • We see many possibilities

Unfortunately, inspiration is not a state that lasts forever, so when it runs down the hills, we have to get it back. The good news is that we can bring it back, but how are we going to do that?

Don’t stay stuck

The first feeling that comes to your mind when you are uninspired is that you feel stuck. But again, this is normal. However, you should know that inspiration doesn’t just come by itself back at you. It’s not like you let your dog out of the leash for a while and then you just wait for it on the bench.

Inaction can be fatal at this point. So, go for a walk in the park instead of sitting at your desk doing nothing but wasting your precious time. Understand the fact that doing something different may wake a new feeling in your heart and this may instantly make you re-discover your lost inspiration.

Eat healthily

Eating certain ingredients can help your mind in various ways. Therefore, instead of ordering a pizza or going to McDonald’s, try eating a salad today. Eating only junk food can make your lack of inspiration the least of your concerns.

Junk food comes along with obesity and depression. You can’t feel inspired when you are depressed. Or you can, but it may put your life in danger, so why don’t you leave depression out of the equation.

Try and eat some fruits instead of snacks and your mind will feel healthier. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” right?

Go out

Whether you go out with friends, or you go alone, both of these actions can help you re-discover your inspiration. The people we spend time with affect our mood. So, it is also important to choose wisely who your friends are and if they affect you positively or negatively.

Sometimes, meeting new people can be difficult, but if you find friendly enough social partners, they can help you in numerous ways. Find someone to share your thoughts with and discover different ideas and ways of thinking.

Let others influence you and make use of their perspectives. They don’t even have to know that they help you, but I’m sure they wouldn’t even mind knowing so.

You are the source of your inspiration

Don’t lose it if you are uninspired today. Maybe you will be inspired tomorrow. If your inspiration ran away, you should be aware of the fact that you and you alone have the power to bring it back. So, don’t just stand there waiting for it to come back to you, because it won’t. Try and re-discover it yourself!