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Why You Need to Make a Personal Development Plan


Planning your future is very important because it helps you achieve your goals. In this age, it is almost necessary for you to grow as an individual because after you become an adult, you kind of start being on your own.

Thus, you need a personal development plan. Because it is called personal, it is understandable that its outcome depends on you and on you alone. To help you, I can give you some pieces of advice, but you are the one who has to do the hard work. A personal development plan helps you by bringing you one step in front of the others.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Let’s listen to what he says for a second and start doing something in order to save ourselves from failing.

What Is a Personal Development Plan?

Basically, a PDP is a constantly reviewed process that aims to help your employability by improving your skills and knowledge. It is considered to be the foundation of your development.

From Benjamin Franklin himself to successful people, artists, and top-level athletes, every single one of them has found ways to develop and evolve their talent. On the other hand, there are people who don’t even get started in fighting for their dreams. Why is that? Because they lack something the first group of people has. They lack motivation and most importantly, they lack a plan.

Why Should You Write a PDP?

  • A personal development plan provides clarity and this is something you need to achieve. Furthermore, it lines up everything plain and simple, so that you can focus exactly on what matters.
  • PDP also works as a map. Yes, a map. I believe that life is like a road. When you find yourself on the road, you discover that sometimes you need to have with you a map, because you can easily get lost. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s not good to feel lost in life. So, let’s be cautious.
  • It helps you fight through your challenges. If you are on a road, you must understand the fact that a road can also have its bumps. A personal development plan can be your true road sign. This is what it can stand for. You would know in advance where to go and what to do, and this may prove to be a great advantage for your development.
  • Adding to this list, I can say that a PDP can also motivate you. In this road trip, it is very important to be motivated, because if you lose your motivation, your dreams may have to suffer. Moreover, if you find yourself at a roadblock, you risk losing all the progress you made until that point. Therefore, putting a plan together and working on it can keep your motivational level high. An enthusiastic person can always make progress.

Now, you probably feel like you are ready to get it started. But, how to create an effective PDP? Well, first of all, you should write down your defined goals. The most important aspect of your personal development plan is to clarify your goal.

Secondly, after you wrote your goal, you now have to find out why you want to achieve it. The purpose is as important as the goal.

Finally, you should know where to start. Find out where you are and where you are heading and then get started on your journey.

So, if you have big goals and you want to achieve them, then a PDP is something you need because it helps you be ahead of the game.